Handling of flexible hoses in plant involves frequent connection or disconnection of hoses with pipelines, vessels, equipment, pump, tankers etc. Conventional flange or screwed fittings of hoses leads to lots of down time. Also flange / screwed ends if not connected properly, will result in leakages leading to wastage of materials and safety hazard.

With quick on Lever-lock (Camlock) couplings, changing of hoses from place to place in plant can be done in seconds, with utmost perfection even by unskilled operator. Unique lever design ensures positive locking even as line pressure increases. The leak proof performance of joint is ensured even during abuse / vibration etc. caused during working.

  • Sizes: 1/2 " to 8 "
  • Pressure: Up to 35 kg/cm2, depending upon size
  • Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, gun metal, aluminum etc.
  • Application: Chemical, fertilizers, petrochemicals, dairy, mining, atomic energy, oil and gas, petroleum, paint and dyestuff, pharmaceuticals, etc.