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Type ST - This type of coupling has through coupler and adaptor. It provides least resistance to flow.

Type SSV - This type of coupling has self sealing (Non return) valve at coupler end and through adaptor. It is good for compressed air line. The coupler body should be installed on the up stream (supply) end of the line to shut off fluid/air supply when disconnected.

Type SDV - This type of coupling has self - sealing (Non-return) valve at both coupler and adaptors ends. This is advantageous in oil / chemical line where media is costly.

  • Body Material: S.S.-304, 316, Brass, Carbon Steel & Aluminum.
  • Seal Material: Teflon, Viton, Silicon, Nitrile, Neoprene.
  • End Connections: Male, Female, Flange, Hose Shank
  • Size: 3 MM to 150 MM N.B.
  • Pressure: Upto 300 kg/cm2 depending upon size.
  • Temperature: 25°C to 300°C
  • Operation: Q.R.C. work on a simple principal of "Push and Pull". The adaptor when pushed into the coupler, it is securely held by the self locking arrangements, resulting in a positive and leak proof connections. This action simultaneously opens the valve and the fluid flow starts. To disconnect, pull back the sleeve of the coupler, the adaptor ejects out and the valve is shut off automatically.
  • Application: Widely used for Air, Gas, Water, Steam, Oil, Chemicals in Fertilizers, Petroleum, Aerospace, Refrigeration, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Textile Industries etc.