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Description : For heat treatment to any fluid (in internal hose) with steam or hot oil (in the jacketed hose) these assemblies are used. This raises the temperature of the fluid in the inner hose, thereby lowering its viscosity and permitting free flow of the liquid. The high flexibility of the hose is apt for angular and offset movements. These can also be used as coolant hose in compressor and engines. The large surface area of the corrugated hose results in a higher heat transfer efficiency
Hose Material : Core & Jacket: S.S 304, 316, 321
Braiding : S.S 304
Operating Temperature : 400°C max.
End Connection : Core Hose: Male/Female/Flange fittings  
Jacket Hose : Female union / Flange. Offset by 180° to one another  
Consumers : Mainly for used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and engineering industries